Fee & Notice

Mail in checks

Please mail your check to GETS Theological Seminary Attn: Student Affair

  • Make check payable to:GETS Theological Seminary

  • Address:412 E Rowland St., Covina, CA 91723

*Please provide (1)Name of student、(2)course name、and (3)applied program with the enclosed check 
Online Payment--PayPal or Credit Card

Online Payment - Paypal or Credit Cards

關於『洛杉磯校本部2019 課程』,請點擊進入連結


Chase QuickPay

※This is only for Chase Bank Online banking account holder。

  • Login Chase online banking account

  • At top menu, click "Send Payment", then click "Chase Quickpay", then click "Send Payment"

  • Type in recipient name as 「GETS Theological Seminary」; Email 「accounting@mygets.org

  • When finished, you will receive e-receipt in your email. Please forward the e-receipt to academic@mygets.org and provide (1)Name of student、(2)course name、and (3)applied program.

Refund and Withdrawal Policy

  • Enrollment fee is non-refundable & non-returnable.
  • If you are unable to attend the course you are applying for, please submit course withdrawal before the registration deadline (i.e. seven days before the commencement), we will return you a full refund for the course
  • When submitting course withdrawal, be sure to notify the Registrar in writing (via e-mail or letter). If only convey or inform via classmates or professor, you have not completed the course withdrawal process and must bear the responsibility for the course tuition and grade (for any incomplete course work, it will be an F).
  • There is no refund if you submit course withdrawal after the registration deadline.
  • It will take about a week to process your refund.
  • GETS reserves the right to change the time or cancel the course.