Vision and Mission


To cultivate ministers and theological educators for global Chinese churches.


As a learning community of Chinese-speaking Christians, GETS Theological Seminary equips individuals to serve Jesus Christ effectively in ecclesiastical and educational ministries worldwide, by contextualizing and contemporizing biblical and theological teachings.


Through holistic training, GETS seeks to cultivate the servants of God who display academic and vocational excellence, Christ-like character, Spirit-filled ministry, integrative mindset, and kingdom commitment. 


  1. Offer various degree programs and distance learning options to meet the various needs of the church
  2. Partner with churches and Christian organizations to enlarge the impact of GETS theological education
  3. Enrich and enhance the content and quality of theological education through seminars, dialogues, and publications that actively attend to societal and cultural issues.
  4. Offer courses that are sensitive to the Chinese culture or societal context.


Core Values

  1. Loyalty and Commitment
  2. Wisdom and Excellence
  3. Gentleness and Integrity
  4. Love and Humility