Joshua Ting
Interim President / Associate Professor of Practical Theology
Biola University, DMin in Church Growth (1996)
Expertise: Practical Theology
Advanced Preaching Method, Church Growth, Pastoral Care and Counseling, Disciple-Oriented Pastoring, Spiritual Formation
Leonard Sidharta
Leonard Sidharta, Ph.D.
Academic Dean, Acting MACS Director / Associate Professor of Systematic Theology
Purdue University, PhD in Philosophy of Religion (2012)
Systematic Theology, Apologetics, Philosophy
Systematic Theology, Apologetics, Logic & Critical Thinking, Christian Worldview
Sherman Hsiung, PhD
Dean of Student Affairs / Assistant Professor of Practical Theology
Arizona State University, PhD in Cognitive Psychology and Behavior Science (1993)
Expertise: Counseling, Marriage and Family, Conflict and Crisis Handling
Christian Counseling, Modern Pastoral Counseling, Family, and Marriage Counseling, Personal and Family Crisis Handling, Movie and Life, Biblical Views on Suffering and Death, Christian Counseling for Adults, Children and Parent Counseling, Conflict and Crisis Handling
Sarah Zhang, PhD
/ Steven and Faith Yiu Professor of Old Testament Studies
Princeton Theological Seminary, Ph.D. in Old Testament Studies (2012)
Expertise: Old Testament Studies, Theology of Psalms
Issues of OT Studies, Research and Methodology in OT, Pentateuch, Old Testament Historical Books, Studies in the Minor Prophets, Studies in Poetic & Wisdom Books, Biblical Hebrew
M.C. Leung, PhD Candidate
DMin Director, Leadership Program Director / Assistant Professor of Practical Theology
Dallas Baptist University, PhD Candidate in Christian Leadership
Expertise: Leadership Studies
Theological Research Method, Methodology, Leadership Series, Ephisians
Ezekiel Lo
Ezekiel Lo, Ph.D.
Th.M. Director / Professor of New Testament
Edinburgh University, PhD in New Testament(1999)
Expertise: New Testament Studies
Hermeneutics, Studies in the Gospels, Studies in Revelation, Biblical Theology, The New Testament Use of the Old Testament, Biblical Greek
Ian Sun, PhD
Institute of Christianity and Chinese Culture Director / Associate Professor of Historical Theology
Peking University, PhD in Philosophy (2001)
Expertise: Church History, History of Christian Thought, Spiritual Theology
Church History, History of Christian Thought, Spiritual Theology
Shi-Min Lu, PhD
Assistant Professor of Practical Theology
Fuller Theological Seminary, PhD in Intercultural Studies(2018)
Expertise: Missiology Studies
Introduction to Missiology, Theology of Mission, History of Global Christianity Movement 
Patricia Huang, PhD Candidate
Assistant Professor of New Testament
Fuller Theological Seminary, PhD Candidate in New Testament
Studies in the Gospels, Study of Pauline Epistles, Studies in the General Epistles, Gospel of Mark, Gospel of Luke, Gospel of John, Studies in Hebrews, Studies in Revelation
Alex Hung, EdD
Assistant Professor of Practical Theology / IT Director
Nova Southeastern University, EdD in Instructional Technologies and Distance Education(2017)
Expertise: Online Theological Education, Intercultural Education, Instructional Design
Foundation for Bible Teaching, Discipleship and Christian Formation, Introduction to Christian Education  
Xin Wang, PhD
/ Affiliated Associate Professor of Church History
Fuller Theological Seminary, PhD
Expertise: Church History
Judy Lin, DMin
Lecturer of Practical Theology
Church Divinity School of the Pacific, DMin (2011)
Clinical Pastoral Care Reflection, Biblical Servant Leadership
Joyce Chen, D.Min.
/ Affiliated Lecturer of Practical Theology
Asbury Theological Seminary, DMin in Spiritual Formation (2016)
Expertise: Spiritual Theology
Spiritual Theology, Gospel of John, Epistles of John, Sermons on the Mont
Esther Liu
Esther Liu, PhD
/ Affiliated Assistant Professor of Practical Theology
Fuller Theological Seminary, PhD in Practical Theology (2017)
Expertise: Practical Theology
教牧學概論, 自我牧養, 教牧心理輔導
David Hsu, ThM
New Testament Lecturer
Fuller Theological Seminary, ThM (1990)
Expertise: NT Studies
NT Theology and Messages