Vision and Mission


To cultivate ministers and theological educators for global Chinese churches.


Through promoting theological education, GETS cultivates for God’s kingdom

  1. Church leaders who are after God’s own heart to serve in the church effectively, and to lead the congregations with biblical responses to the challenges of the times,
  2. Theological educators who can root the Christian faith in their culture to enable the lives in Chinese community to flourish.


Through the holistic development of spirituality, knowledge, lifestyle, and servanthood, GETS cultivates servants of God who are prayer-centered, Holy Spirit-guided, mission-oriented, and vigor-filled and are thriving with the qualities of upright faith, dynamic thinking, open mindedness, and kingdom commitment. In addition, they will embody excellence, integrity, gentleness, humility, and love.

Core Values

  1. Loyalty and Commitment
  2. Wisdom and Excellence
  3. Gentleness and Integrity
  4. Love and Humility


  1. Apply both centripetal and centrifugal principles around the world to:
    1. Set up international campuses by sending teachers and resources to meet local needs creatively
    2. Establish a US campus in Los Angeles as a model of theological education for international campuses, and a research center for advanced graduate studies
  2. Offer various degree programs and distance learning options to meet the various needs of the church
  3. Partner with churches and Christian organizations to enlarge the impact of GETS theological education
  4. Enrich the theological content and enhance the quality of our theological education through seminars, dialogues, and publications that attend to and engage in topics of the times and the culture
  5. Offer courses pertaining to Chinese culture and current issues with a focus on Chinese contexts