President's Office

Isaac Chen, PhD
Joshua Ting
(Executive Vice President)
David Hsu, ThM
(Vice-President, Advancement Director)
Linda Pan, D.Min.


Ian Sun, PhD
(Dean, Institute of Christianity and Chinese Culture Director)
Sunny, Kuan-Hui Wang, PhD
(MACS Director)
Sherman Hsiung PhD
(Dean of Student Affairs)
M.C. Leung, PhD Candidate
(DMin Director, Leadership Program Director)
Shi-Min Lu, PhD
(Accreditation Director)
Lily Pan
(Distance Learning Director)
Jaime Chan
(Curriculum Coordinator)
Duo Li
Joanna Lin
(Executive Secretary)
April Chang
(Advancement Specialist)

Administrative Staff

Shally Xu
(HR Specialist, Accounting Specialist),
Rebecca Zhang
(Accounting Specialist)
S. Tan
(Multi-Media Director)
Ruth Huang
(Advancement Specialist)
Judy Lin
(Distance Learning Instructor, Leadership Research Ctr. Asst.)
Eric Chen
(IT Specialist, Administrative Assistant),


Amy Chen
(Library Assistant)