Vision & Mission

⚶ Vision/Purpose

To cultivate ministers and theological educators for global Chinese churches.

⚶ Mission

Through the promotion of theological education, we cultivate for God’s Kingdom

  1. Church leaders seeking after God’s will that they may serve in the Church effectively.
  2. Ministers who can shepherd effectively and respond to contemporary challenges.
  3. Theological educators who can continue on the task of theological education and to make it more accessible, so that the Christian faith may be rooted in context and bear fruit in cultural life.

✠ Goal

  1. To cultivate servants of God with purity of faith and thriving spiritual life.
  2. To cultivate servants of God who pray earnestly and rely on the Holy Spirit with an open mind and devoted heart.
  3. To cultivate servants of God with passion for mission. To achieve these, we follow a well-balanced course of spiritual development, Christian living, pursuit of knowledge, critical thinking, formation of mindset, and engagement in ministry.

✠ Core Values

  1. Be passionate, loyal and committed to the vision, mission and set goal.
  2. Pursue excellence in teaching, publishing and work.
  3. Promote upright character in personal and institutional affairs.
  4. Be amicable and humble in serving, learning and relating.

✠ Strategies

  1. Operating on the principle of “going” instead of “coming”, we use unconventional and innovative ways to reach needy places effectively and responsively. We start teaching sites tailored to different target groups, and offer various levels of comprehensive theological training. In addition, we extend our reach of ministry through distant learning.
  2. Through partnership with churches and institutions, we build a wide network of theological education.
  3. Through academic research, dialogs and publishing, we attend to the needs, engage in discussion, and respond to current issues. This enriches the material content of our theological education and helps set a higher standard of quality.
  4. Paying attention to the Chinese environment, we aim at cultivating future theological educators with cultural and contextual sensitivity through the advanced research programs we offer.
  5. Establishing a comprehensive and advanced theological research center in Los Angeles area by providing advanced theological courses and research facilities.