History & Heritage

⚶ Purpose

Established in 2002 with a calling to build up leaders for Chinese churches worldwide, GETS Theological Seminary adopts an innovative approach to promote theological education. Instead of traveling long distance to pursue their degrees, students can receive quality theological training in their own hometowns as professors travel to regional campuses to teach classes. By doing so, local ministers are equipped with intellectual biblical teaching and culturally relevant practical training in their own communities; resulting in effective ministries among local people.

⚶ Historical Milestones


Responding to the calling for Chinese Christian training needs in Hungary, GETS Theological Seminary opened its first regional campus in Budapest.


Expanding its efforts to promote Chinese theological education worldwide, 2 additional regional campuses were opened in Rome and Moscow; resuting in 43 graduates ready to serve in local communities.

2004 - 2005

Further expansion efforts prompted GETS to open up 3 additional regional campuses in Paris, Barcelona and Berlin; resuting in 58 graduates ready to serve in local communities.

2006 - 2007

The success of its first six classes lead to additional classes offered at existing campuses and one additional regional campus opened in London.

2007 - 2009

In January 2007, God opened the door for us to establish our first regional campus in Asia, through connections with our alumni. 

God continued to bless our ministry and enabled us to offer more classes in Asia and Europe.

By the end of 2009, GETS had seen a total of two hundred and five graduates.

In fall of 2009, GETS went under an organizational restructuring, through which, GETS became a separate and distinct entity, separate and distinct from its prior parent organization, GLEC. A new and distinguished faculty team was built up to further strengthen the quality of theological education. This change brought about more effective communication among faculty members, administrative staff as well as students, resulting in students' needs being met more timely.

Committed to pursue excellence in theological education, GETS raised the standards for screening applications of students and faculty. GETS implemented procedures to verify background and qualifications of applicants. These changes brought unprecedented transformation to the culture of the seminary, which enabled us to pursue our goals more effectively.


Strengthened by its successful track records, GETS attained full membership of the Asia Theological Association (ATA), with its B.Th., M.A.C.S., and M.Div. programs accredited.

Prompted by the tremendous needs and challenges for training among Chinese Christians, GETS Theological Seminary continues to fully commit its resources to providing quality theological education through formal and innovative methods. The Lord has consistently blessed GETS for the last two decades, guiding with His wisdom and continuing to provide resources for its unique role in expanding His kingdom. In return, we at GETS are more committed than ever before to faithfully fulfilling our vision to train those eager to follow Christ’s Great Commission to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.


Launched Th.M. and D.Min. programs in Asia regional campuses.


Through alumni connections, new Spain Madrid and U.S. San Diego campuses started in February and December respectively.


New campus in Johannesburg started in January.


To satisfy the growing needs of our local students and to effectively utilize our academic resources, we opened a bigger campus in Covina, CA. We started constructing a new building in July of 2016. We have since moved our San Diego campus to Covina.